At Open Table Boise, we are committed to providing fresh, scratch-made foods that are beautifully presented. We focus on local and organic ingredients to bring you the best flavors possible while reducing our impact on the environment. Our goal is to provide a stress-free catering experience coupled with the best food in Boise!


April Hale has been catering in Boise since 2007, but her love of cooking started when she was 9 years old in her parent’s kitchen in Indiana. April’s mom didn’t enjoy cooking, and April didn’t enjoy dishes, so the swap was made, and thus began her love affair with food.

She started out with a Chemistry major in college (graduated with a BSBM with a Chemistry minor) and always envisioned her professional career in a lab. Little did she know her lab would turn out to be the kitchen.

She spends countless hours researching the latest trends in food and creating new recipes for both friends and clients alike. Presentation is equally as important as the flavor of her foods, so fresh and colorful ingredients are a must. April buys local and organic where possible, and prefers to cook with seasonal fruits and vegetables.